Responding to COVID-19

Despite the magnitude of the challenge, the evidence is clear that a number of governments have implemented effective strategies that have enabled recovery at a pace significantly above other countries. These governments have demonstrated exemplary leadership in decision-making, communication and coordination. Data from the GCI Recovery Rating[7] has helped to identify those countries. The effective practices they have applied fall within the categories of testing, contact tracing, movement restriction, easing restrictions and public engagement, among others.

Figure 4: GCI Recovery Rating

Whilst the development of a vaccine is still underway, countries can learn from the emerging evidence what works in these key categories. Governments can assess the potential effects of the different interventions and prepare appropriate strategies and initiatives commensurate with the resources they have available. Although other social and economic factors contribute to the success and effectiveness of a country’s response, the five effective practices can be regarded as the foundational measures to be adopted by countries to combat COVID-19.

[7] Global COVID-19 Index (GCI) – more details in Appendix A

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