The COVID-19 pandemic has forced leaders in governments around the world to act urgently to manage a profoundly challenging situation under extraordinary pressure. The Global Pathfinder (GPF) initiative, a collaboration between PEMANDU Associates and Delivery Associates, aims to provide countries with fast and deep learning which will enable them to address the emerging public health challenges caused by the pandemic. This report is a compilation of effective practices from countries that have responded quickly to the crisis and are on the way to recovery. The initiative also intends to facilitate cross-country learning for governments as countries make future decisions in the fight against COVID-19. Findings from our analysis are derived from various indices (such as the Global COVID-19 Index (GCI), Global Health Security Index and the Oxford Stringency Index), as well as qualitative research and direct engagement with those at the frontlines in the fight against the pandemic. We hope that this sharing of effective practices will enable countries to learn fast and, in turn, increase the speed and effectiveness of their responses to COVID-19.

DISCLAIMER: The GPF report is based on information that has been derived from third-party sources which have not been independently validated by PEMANDU Associates or Delivery Associates. The opinions and observations expressed in this report are those of the authors. All data used from the GCI is correct as of 17 May 2020. The reader should conduct a more detailed investigation and analysis before making any decisions based on the opinions in this report. PEMANDU Associates and Delivery Associates shall not be obliged to maintain or update the report, nor shall they be liable, in any event, for any damage caused by the use of the report.

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